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Discover Slim Sonic, the Franco-Swiss leader in top-of-the-range portable ultrasound devices for slimming and performance.

Slim Sonic does not promise "miracle" solutions, because your personal commitment (dietary and physical) is essential if you are to succeed in getting back into shape. As your high-tech partner, Slim Sonic boosts your slimming process so you can achieve your goals more quickly.

Say goodbye to excess fat with our scientifically proven technology, target stubborn areas and transform your figure today.

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A scientifically validated technology

The Sonic Resonance technology is entirely developed in Switzerland and is exclusive to the Slim Sonic brand.

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Discover our modules

  • Sonical

    Pocket model on all areas

  • Module M-720

    Versatile, stomach and lower body

  • Module L-880

    Efficiency and discretion for the belly

  • Module L-1160

    Maximum de-stocking for the belly