General terms and conditions of sale

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By placing an order, the customer confirms that he/she has read the present conditions and accepts them. SLIM SONIC brand of BEBO Health SA (hereinafter SLIM SONIC) reserves the right to modify these conditions without prior notice, the conditions in force at the time of the order are valid.


The products may differ slightly from the illustrations on the presentation materials, which are presented for information purposes only.

Sale and payment

Unless otherwise arranged, all orders will be delivered only after receipt of the full amount. We reserve the right to refuse an arrangement without explanation. Orders are final, no refunds will be made once money is paid. The prices are indicated without VAT and without delivery.

The prices in € indicated on the current price list are binding, the amounts displayed in other currencies are indicative. When making a payment, please do so in €. All bank charges are to be paid by the customer, who must specify this to the intermediary when making a payment. Thus the bank will make the appropriate conversions so that there is no error on arrival on our account, which would delay the delivery by the need for a complement.

For orders made outside of Switzerland, the buyer proceeds to an import (VAT, customs fees, processing, etc. …). These taxes are charged directly by the customs authority of his country, and are therefore not included in the prices displayed on our tariff. It is up to the buyer to find out beforehand about the import conditions of the destination country to avoid unpleasant surprises. The goods are declared at their real value.

Paiement en plusieurs fois avec Alma (disponible en Autriche, Belgique, Allemagne, Espagne, France, Irlande, Italie, Luxembourg, Pays-Bas et Portugal.)

Payment in installments/deferred is available through our partner Alma. The security of the payments is ensured by Alma and its providers. All payments are protected by 3D Secure.

Purchase amount

  • P2X: Only purchases between €100 and €3,200 are eligible for payment with Alma.
  • P3X: Only purchases between €100 and €3,200 are eligible for payment with Alma.
  • P4X: Only purchases between €100 and €3,200 are eligible for payment with Alma.


En payant en plusieurs fois avec Alma le Client ne paye pas de frais.

Alma is a telepayment manager and issues an electronic certificate that will be considered as proof of the amount and date of the transaction in accordance with the provisions of articles 1316 and following of the civil code.


Any termination of the T&Cs between the Seller and the customer will result in the termination of the T&Cs between Alma and the customer.

Payment by credit with Alma


Payment by credit is available for the payment of their purchases via our partner Alma, the execution of the payment is conditioned by the signature of the credit contract proposed by Alma. The Seller accepts in advance the granting of credit concluded between Alma and the customer in accordance with article L312-46 of the consumer code. If Alma agrees to grant the credit to the customer, the amount shall be paid by credit in accordance with article L312-45 of the Consumer Code. Any refusal by Alma to grant credit for an order may result in the cancellation of the order, unless the customer agrees to pay cash. Any cancellation of the GTC binding the Seller and the customer, leads to the cancellation of the credit contract between Alma and the customer. In case of withdrawal, the costs and interests of the Customers will be reimbursed in accordance with the regulations.


The security of payments is ensured by Alma and its service providers. All payments are protected by 3D Secure. Alma is a tele-payment manager and delivers an electronic certificate which will be considered as proof of the amount and date of the transaction in accordance with the provisions of articles 1316 and following of the civil code.

Special case

In the case of a contract of sale or provision of services with successive execution or delivered within a fairly long period of time, the Seller must specify in its GTCs the time of commencement of delivery or provision, for more details you can contact the alma teams on


Orders are released within 10 working days after receipt of payment. Please be aware that the products are stored in a semi-finished form due to the choice of colors.

The average manufacturing time of our products is about 8 working days, everything is done to ensure a fast delivery but delays which are not of our will are not excluded. No damage can be claimed in case of late delivery, the order cannot be cancelled.

For orders placed outside of Switzerland, the buyer is responsible for paying customs duties and solving any import problems.

We decline any responsibility in case of litigation with the carriers.

Retraction period

The withdrawal period following an order varies between countries:

  • France and European Union: 14 days
  • Switzerland: There is no withdrawal period (According to the law: Art. 184 ff. CO)

After sales service, Warranty

We directly provide the entire after-sales service of our products, please contact us if necessary, directly from the After-Sales & Refund page. Shipping addresses for Switzerland and Europe are organized by SLIM SONIC (

All delivered material is tested before delivery. We offer a two-year warranty on all our new products. Products reconditioned as new are guaranteed for 18 months and little used reconditioned products, consumables, straps and elastics are guaranteed for 12 months. The warranty only covers product defects. Any damage caused by misuse and any modification or attempted repair by the customer without prior authorization will void the warranty.

We offer a repair service for all our products also outside the warranty coverage. This service is not free of charge, an estimate is made by us once the material is returned. The repair is carried out after full payment of the amount of the estimate.

All material returns require prior authorization from us. Material received without arrangement will not be processed. Shipping costs are at the sender’s expense, as well as any customs fees that may be charged to us upon receipt.

General terms and conditions of sale updated on December 13, 2022

Short-term GTCs

BEBO Health SA, Rue de la Cité, 1, CH-1204 GENEVA

Contact information and address according to the e-commerce confirmation document at the time of payment (billing and delivery address)
(The Tenant confirms that the information given is accurate and that he/she can prove his/her identity at any time).

Tenant certifies that:
– The addresses are correct and that they are located on the territory of metropolitan France.
– That his identity card is valid.
– That the signed copy of the electric bill is certified.

Appareil loué (ci-après l’appareil) :
KIT M-720 comprenant : 1 module M-720 avec ses 2 jeux de sangles, 1 chargeur adapté – 1 vaporisateur de Gel de contact.
KIT L-880 comprenant : 1 module L-880 avec ses sangles, 1 chargeur adapté – 1 vaporisateur de Gel de contact.
KIT L-1160 comprenant : 1 module L-1160 avec ses sangles, 1 chargeur adapté – 1 vaporisateur de Gel de contact.
Les conditions de location et de garanties de votre KIT incluent le stricte respect des conditions liés à la garantie et à l’utilisation de l’appareil loué. Un document de garantie et une fiche de traitement font partie intégrante de l’envoi. CHAQUE LOCATAIRE EST TENU DE CONNAÎTRE TOUTES LES CONDITIONS, PRESCRIPTION D’UTILISATION ET CONDITION GENERALE DE LOCATION DU PRESENT CONTRAT.

General terms and conditions of rental

1- Rental

  • Le prix de location varie selon le choix du locataire. Ce prix comprend l’envoi et le retour de l’appareil loué (Étiquette affranchie)
  • La date de réservation de l’appareil loué est validée lorsque la totalité du montant dû est versé (e-boutique SLIM SONIC). Seuls ces versements seront mis en compte.

Le locataire reçoit son appareil le VENDREDI de la SEM 1, il le retourne le LUNDI MATIN de la SEM 3. Nous garantissons notre organisation de logistique. Cependant, nous déclinons toutes responsabilité quant aux transports assurés par le transporteur du loueur.

2- Rental terms and conditions

Rentals are possible ONLY on FRIDAY (SEM 1) to SUNDAY (SEM 2) or 1 assignment (cycle). In case of cumulation of transfer (cycle, the days of transfers are offered. The material can be removed from 3:00 pm on Friday afternoon (SEM 1) to the COLISSIMO relay point at the address indicated and deposited on MONDAY MORNING (SEM 3) before 11Hoo. Failure to respect the rental times will result in the automatic invoicing of an additional assignment to the tenant (€ 149 and a penalty of € 500.).

3- Duration and termination

This rental agreement is concluded for a period of one assignment (CYCLE).
The contract is valid only when the total amount of the rental is paid on PAYPAL (e-commerce).
The total amount of the rental must be cashed at the latest BLOCK THE DELIVERY DATE REQUIRED BY THE RENTER.
No reservation is taken into account without prior payment of the order.

4- Validity of the contract

This rental agreement does not require a mail exchange for the signature of documents by the parties. The latter accept and confirm the following conditions:

Le locataire : Lorsque ce dernier confirme les dates de réservation par e-mails, il accepte les CONDITIONS GENERALES du présent contrat, celles de la GARANTIE du matériel et les conditions d’utilisation de la FICHE DE TRAITEMENT annexée à l’envoi de l’appareil loué. Le contrat est invalidé si le locataire n’envoi pas les documents demandés. (Copie de pièce d’identité et facture d’électricité) au moins 5 jours avant l’envoi de l’appareil.

The hirer: The contract is validated when the hirer has received the totality of the payment specified in point 1 of this contract.

5- Insurance

Le locataire confirme être assuré contre les dégâts d’eau, d’incendie et de sinistre ainsi que contre le vol dans tous les endroits où il utilisera ou entreposera tout ou partie de l’appareil décrit dans le présent contrat. La valeur assurée doit être au minimum de € 1’500. (Mille cinq cent euros)
En cas de dégât même partiel, le loueur engagera les démarches nécessaires aux frais des locataires pour la réparation ou le remplacement de son bien.

6- Enlèvement et retour de l’appareil

  • L’appareil doit être remis au transporteur choisi par le loueur.
  • The cost of returning the package is included in the price paid.
  • The renter must strictly follow the return instructions of the lessor.
  • Toute dégradation ou problème technique doit être signalée lors du retour spontanément par le locataire. En cas de dégradation, le loueur se réserve le droit de facturer la réparation au locataire.
  • All the material sent (Gels, straps, chargers, user manual with its envelope) must be returned.


7- Addresses

The renter must use the enclosed stamped label for the return.
The address given is the only valid one. The tenant confirms the correctness of his address and thus the location of the object. He also confirms the accuracy of his identity.

8- Property rights

The hirer is entitled to dispose of the object only for his private use at the address mentioned in the email exchanges.
He/she is not allowed to sublet, assign or pledge it. He is obliged to refrain from any act contrary to the right of ownership. In the event of seizure or retention, the hirer must, under penalty of damages, notify the debt enforcement office of this rental agreement so that the latter can inform the lessor. At the end of the lease contract, the leased object remains the sole property of the lessor.

9- Use of the object and care

The hirer undertakes to take care of the object and to follow the instructions in the OPERATING MANUAL.
Any damage occurring through the fault of the Tenant or a third party is the responsibility of the Tenant.

10- Acceptance of the contract

This established contract is part of the website www.slim-sonic-com. Its validity is complete upon receipt of full payment to the renter of the amount of the rental.

11- Legal form

For any dispute that may arise in connection with this contract, the lessor and the lessee acknowledge the jurisdiction of the courts of the lessor’s domicile.


The parties confirm that they accept the terms of this rental agreement without signature. The hirer confirms that the information given on the e-mail exchanges is correct.

Done in Ecuvillens, Switzerland on the date of payment by the tenant.