Slim Sonic for you

Free yourself from excess fat

  • For all body types

    Thanks to our different sized modules, you can position Slim Sonic on the areas you want!

  • For all activities

    As long as you move and consume calories, you can use Slim Sonic no matter what you do!

  • Everywhere, in all weathers

    Whether at home or out and about, you can use Slim Sonic wherever you are!

We believe in each of you

We have at heart to offer you solutions adapted to each part of your body, whether you are a man or a woman, we target your areas of interest with maximum efficiency.

You don’t need to be a confirmed sportsman to enjoy it, you just have to move!
So while running, cycling, dancing … you can wear your Slim Sonic before or during the session, depending on your activity and your comfort.
The more you move with Slim Sonic, the faster you will lose!

"It works in an extremely simple way. "

Gérald Kierzek, LCI health specialist

Report in the program En pleine forme on LCI

“You are complexed by your love handles? The anti-fat belt tested by Dr. Gérald Kierzech for the program “En pleine forme”, on LCI, could come to your rescue. It uses an innovative process based on ultrasounds that break up the fat. This fat is then released into the general circulation to be consumed as fuel by the muscle. The results – 6 to 7 sessions of 40 minutes associated with movements are recommended – would be amazing: up to 6 to 7 centimeters less fat.

Use your Slim Sonic easily, wherever you are

Our modules have been designed by a team concerned with your well-being to help you lose fat more easily.

What is the secret?

  • Apply

    your module on the area you want to treat

  • Move

    for 40 min

  • Repeat

    up to 6 times a week

Les modules émettent des ondes ultrasoniques qui déstructurent et liquéfient les cellules graisseuses bloquées dans les adipocytes. L’énergie dépensée lors d’une activité physique permet de consommer les graisses libérées.

The technology

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