The technology

Ultrasound at the heart of our modules

Sonic Resonance

The result of several years of research, the Slim Sonic modules are equipped with Sonic Resonance technology based on the use of low frequency ultrasound.

The low energy emission stimulates the release of fat stored as triglycerides in the adipocytes.

The muscle favours energy from glycogen (sugar) but when lipids are made available to it (SLIM SONIC de-stocking), they consume them in the same proportions. As the glycogen reserve in the muscle is small, if the effort is significant or if it lasts, the muscle burns mainly the fat from the destocking.

The average loss observed is 5 to 6 cm of waistline in 6 sessions.

The 3-step process

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    The vibration generated by the waves during the treatment will release the fatty acid molecules (triglycerides) trapped in the fat cells (adipocytes).
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    Once released, the circulating fatty acids will be transported by the bloodstream and made available to the muscle as fuel.
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    During physical exercise, the muscles will look for sources of energy of which fatty acids are part. Thanks to the de-stocking caused by the use of SoniC Resonance, they will be able to be consumed in a more important way. The goal is to preserve the glycogen reserve (glucose reserve) of the muscle for better efficiency and less fatigue!

The results

The results of the technology focus on the observation of fat reduction in localized areas.

Our scientific study with Dr. Christophe Hausswirth shows that in 6 sessions over 2 weeks of Slim Sonic, the results are important and significant, namely, a loss of

  • 6.5 cm of abdominal perimeter
  • 4.6 cm of hip circumference
  • 1,2 kg
  • 1.8% BMI
  • 1.5% body fat
  • 6% body fat
  • 29% triglycerides

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