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At Slim Sonic, every module embodies our passion for craftsmanship. Our creative process is based on meticulous teamwork. Each stage, from production to assembly and finishing, requires the investment of several people. We pay particular attention to every detail, creating unique modules that reflect the dedication of all those involved.

We are firmly committed to supporting local production in Switzerland and the Lake Geneva region. At Slim Sonic, our team designs, engineers and manufactures all our modules in-house. Contrary to the trend towards uniformity, we produce appliances in small batches, with the emphasis on product quality and employee involvement.

A word from the designer

Engineer Jacques Borgognon created the Sonic Resonance technology for Slim Sonic equipment. Thanks to the micromechanics of Swiss watchmaking and the electronic and computer development capabilities of the Lake Geneva region, this creation uses a pure wave beam to massively release accumulated fat and optimize available energy. Combined with a physical activity program, Slim Sonic significantly reduces body fat in the targeted area.

Slim Sonic devices are unique as a new generation of equipment that optimizes the natural functioning of the human body without altering it. They feature Sonic Resonance technology, the result of in-depth research and specialized know-how. Technological innovation is at the heart of our approach, giving Slim Sonic an exclusive advantage in the market.

Your satisfaction is our priority

We are committed to offering you a complete and personalized service. Our team is on hand to advise you by chat or phone, and we offer flexible options such as leasing and instalment financing. We guarantee our new modules for two years, and provide responsive after-sales service. Each module is carefully checked before shipping, guaranteeing optimum quality.

At Slim Sonic, we value research and collaboration with scientific partners. Our equipment is used by health, beauty and wellness professionals in a variety of establishments. We are committed to providing you with an exceptional Slim Sonic experience by combining the quality of our products with comprehensive support to ensure your satisfaction.

Slim Sonic and ecology

At Slim Sonic, we care about your well-being and the environment.

When your module becomes obsolete or no longer corresponds to your needs, you can make a gesture in favor of the planet while saving money. Exchange your old module and benefit from a credit that you can deduct from your next purchase or give to the person of your choice.

Our commitment: the use of recycled parts in our Outlet modules.
Once we have received your module in our workshop, we carry out a thorough check. If it's in good condition, we put it back into service to offer a new opportunity to someone else. If the module is too old or damaged, we carefully dismantle it and sort the parts for appropriate recycling.

We've also opted for minimalist packaging using biodegradable materials, minimizing unnecessary waste.


  • 2001

    Start of ultrasound activities

  • 1973

    H. Pierantoni Innovation Award

  • 2009

    Development of Sonic Resonance technology.
    First device released: iTHin

  • 2011

    Implementation of validations during Masters work with Dr. D. Durrer

  • 2012

    Output of a second model (small generator, connecting wires)

  • 2012

    Release of the first wireless device

  • 2016

    Release of XS, S, M and L ranges

  • 2018

    Release of the professional range

  • 2021

    Release of a miniature module: the Sonical

A scientifically validated technology

Sonic Resonance, from which Slim Sonic benefits, puts excess fat back into circulation in certain parts of your body.

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