What are the results?

The results of our studies, which you can find on our Scientific Validations page , show a reduction in abdominal circumference, hip circumference, weight, BMI, body fat and blood sugar. On average, Slim Sonic users lose between 5.5 cm and 6.7 cm of waistline in 6 sessions and 2.5 cm to 3 cm for each thigh, saddlebags, etc.

Scientific studies conducted in the past confirm these results. In particular, the research of Dr. Hausswirth, director of INSEEP research from 2012 to 2016, published in the American journal Frontiers in Physiology in October 2019.

It should be noted that the loss achieved also depends on the mass of fat to be destocked. For the sportsman, the action of the use of Slim Sonic is also beneficial: For the sportsman seeking to improve his performances, Slim Sonic makes it possible to bring a complementary source of energy which is directly placed at the disposal of the muscles. This contribution in energy is additional fuel, the sportsman will thus be able to consume more and thus gain in performance.

For the athlete looking for muscle definition (dryness for bodybuilders for example), he can target the areas to be destocked and in a few sessions, lose the fat on the targeted area to obtain the desired muscle definition.