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Sonical Mini

From 235.00 

Small but mighty! Its compact, ergonomic design makes it even easier and more discreet to use.

A concentrate of power in a mini format, our product combines performance and portability to give you the best possible experience.


  • Destocking: 250 kCal in 40 min
  • Performance: 36 sessions to remove 1kg of fat
  • Treatment surface area: 75 cm²
  • Dimensions: 12.5 x 8 cm

Perfect for :

  • The belly and love handles
  • Thighs and saddlebags
  • Buttocks
  • The arms

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Addon Details
Sonical Mini 235.00 
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    An 80cm looped elastic belt (for one module)

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    Protective cover

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    User's manual

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    Contact gel (250 mL)

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    USB-C USB-A charging cable (without adapter)

Additional information

Weight 0.150 kg
Dimensions 12.5 × 8 cm

HDPE plastic shell. Aluminium plate 5083a


Li-polymer battery, 15 W 11V, 1350 mAh


2 years for new modules


START / STOP function, with automatic stop

Treatment area

75 cm² (75 sq. in.)


250 kcal in 40 min


At least 3 sessions of 40 minutes per week, maximum 3 sessions per day


Slim Sonic modules should not be used:

  • During the entire pregnancy period and at least 6 months after giving birth.
  • If you are sensitive to tinnitus.
  • If you are wearing a Pace Maker.
  • If you are wearing a copper IUD or have metal plates or screws in the treated areas.
  • If you have cancer or metastases.
  • If you have skin lesions in the treated areas.
  • If you have an unhealed fracture in the treated areas.
  • If you have recently had a transplant.
  • If you have bone prostheses in the treated areas.

This list is not exhaustive. If you have any serious medical condition not listed above, you should consult a physician.

Treatment Interferences

As with any device, Slim Sonic modules may not work as well or may be uncomfortable in certain situations:

  • Ménopause
    Les changements hormonaux générés par la ménopause peuvent momentanément bloquer la transformation des graisses. À titre indicatif, le taux de réussite, même pendant cette période, est de 80%.
  • Anti-dépresseurs

    Certains traitements aux anti-dépresseurs peuvent aussi bloquer la transformation des graisses. Nous constatons cependant que dans 90% des cas, les traitements avec Slim Sonic fonctionnent.
  • Cortisone
    Les traitements à la cortisone peuvent engendrer chez certains patients une prise de poids et de la rétention d’eau. Avec un traitement Slim Sonic, vous pouvez maintenir votre corpulence, mais plus difficilement réduire votre circonférence abdominale.
  • Acouphènes
    Pour les personnes sensibles des oreilles, il est possible que Slim Sonic dérange. Si c’est le cas, nous conseillons de renoncer au traitement.

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